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Chinese New Year Images: The Chinese New Year is one of the most efficient and best Chinese holidays. The Chinese people globally unite together in their tradition when they spend 15 days celebrating with their new Year. They plan on with a lot of feasts, decorations, and a lot of interesting symbolism that relates to their history of the holidays with their desire for good luck.

In the Chinese New Year, there is a change of date every other year. The reason behind that is the Chinese-based celebration by using the lunar calendar which is a 10-month lunar calendar. The day usually falls between January 21st and February 20th. This marks the beginning of the first month in the lunar calendar of the Chinese. Nowadays it has become a trend that sharing different unique Chinese New Year Images Happy New Year 2021 Images and Photos through social Media which will really attract the people and they will feel the happiest day of the year.

Every year it is significant that the Chinese calendar is identified by one of the 12 animals in the theory of astrology. These animals can be one among the 12 like ox, tiger, rat, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, dog, pig and rooster. The most important thing about that is these zodiac animals have their own unique significance in the Chinese astrology.

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Chinese New Year Images

Happy Chinese New Year Images: The complete celebration of the Chinese New Year lasts for 15 days. This starts with the lunar New Year and ends with the lantern festival that is done in the 15th evening. Every one of those 15 days has also a specific significance for the Chinese. There happens a specific day for visiting and honouring the elderly family with welcoming the Chinese gods, days recur for prayers and a day to stay home and not visiting with a day to go to the market to have reunions with visiting and dining with the family. all these tasks are must only that to be done on this specific day and include their traditions.

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Chinese New Year 2020 Pig Images

Chinese New Year 2021 Pig Images

Chinese New Year 2021 Images

Chinese New Year Pictures: During the Chinese New Year, people get red packets of money as a gift for their younger friends and relatives. This is the way they think is going to bring them luck if they follow this tradition. Other than that, there are a lot of fireworks and firecrackers that would be heard during the Chinese new year. As per their thinking, the Chinese with this tradition drive away from the evil spirits from the previous year. In this way, they start with the fresh and happy New Year peacefully. In the day there are dragons and lion’s dances, banners, floral decorations and colourful lanterns. Other than that there are foods and drinks on the 15th day.

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Chinese Happy New Year Images

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Chinese New Year Pictures

Every Chinese is not available to celebrate the day at their hometown. So they can enjoy and greet their family and friends with the Chinese happy New Year images which hold significant images relating to the celebration. The Chinese New Year is celebrated in China alone and is now being celebrated globally. In every part of the world, the Chinese community celebrates the day with a big bang.

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Chinese New Year Pictures to Print

Chinese New Year Pictures to Print

Chinese Happy New Year 2021 Images

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